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5th International Social Sciences Conference in Balkans English Page

About Conference

Balkans provide a rich ground for studies in every field of social sciences due to the fact that the geography is a region many societal incidents occurred which changed the course of history, of the intersection of East and West, and a land of different cultures and ethnicities are closely intertwined. There is no any chance of this region to develop economically and socially without that each community should collaborate with each other. Universities and academic communities are one of the foremost actors which can lead to such collaboration. International Social Science Conference in Balkans is a result of this insight.

The 5th International Social Science Conference in Balkans will be held in Novi Pazar (Serbia) between the dates of June 4-5, 2013. The conference is organized jointly by Sakarya University, Turkey and the University of Novi Pazar, Turkish World Research Foundation, Turkish Science and Research Foundation.
As known, the first and second conferences were held in Kosovo, the third one was in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the fourth one in Macedonia. It is seen that the conference has proven its age of consent with its international attribute. The conference has held regularly since 2009, and increasingly strengthened its international dimension with each passing year. Conference procedia has been published in every year.

However, there is a novelty in coming organization which distinguishes it from the earlier conferences. In previous years, the languages of the conferences were Turkish and the Balkans Languages. In order to extend it to the more international academic environment, extended English summary of papers will be published in the conference procedia. In this way, the procedia will have a chance to be indexed in international indexes.

Finally, since the conference will be held in Serbia, it will contribute to the aim of development and deployment of collaboration in Balkans.
Special thanks to the all institutions and people contribute to the conference.

Organizing Committee
Language of the conference is Turkish, Balkan Languages and English.
Conference Program
Novi Pazar
Novi Sad
Detailed program and registration fee will be explained soon
Deadline for submission of full papers:
12 April 2013
Notification of acceptance of full papers:
19 April 2013
Deadline for registration:
26 April 2013
Presentation Dates in Novi Pazar:
04 – 05 June 2013
07 June 2013
Main Fields of the Conference
Anthropology and History,
Language and Culture,
Sociology and Philosophy,
International Relations,
Management Information System
Manuscript Guidelines
Please see the sample paper

Important Announcement,

As known, in the previous conference proceedings, the papers had been published in Turkish or Baklan Languages. However, in order to reach wider international academic circles, conference committee has decided to publish them with an extended english summary. In that way, procedia will have a chance to be indexed in international indexes.

Please compose first two pages of your manuscripts with extended english summary. For details please review the sample.

EXTENDED ABSTRACT (Between 500 words – 1000 words & Max. 2 Pages )
Sections of the Extended Abstract:
TITLE (three – fifteen words)
Keywords (three – eight key terms)
INTRODUCTION (100-200 words): research question, aim and scope
LITERATURE REVIEW (200-400 words): theoretical background and discussions, fundamental concepts, findings of the recent studies, hypothesis and/or model development-if any, etc.)
METHODS (100-200 words): data collection and analysis methods utilized in this study
FINDINGS & CONCLUSION (100-200 words)

Papers should be written in “MS Word” programme in the “Verdana 8 Points”, 1,5 spaced and justified. Footnotes should be written in 7 points. Page format should be A4 size; with spaces of “4,5 cm” on the right, the left, the top and the bottom. There should not be intent for paragraphs and the space among the paragraphs should be:
Before: 9 point
After: 6 point

Full Paper
• Papers should be original and not be presented at any national/international conference and not be under consideration by another publication at the time of submission.
• Papers as a rule should not exceed 12 pages including appendices, tables and figures.
• Main titles of the text should be written in capital letters and bold, subtitles should be written bold and first letter capitalized. All titles should not be numerized.
• There should not be a line clear between paragraphs.
• There should not be indentation for paragraphs beginnings.
• Tables and figures in the text can be written in Verdana 7 points in order to save space.
• The reference of the tables and the figures should be given under the figure or the table.
• References should be incorporated in brackets into the text, using the author-date system, with page numbers where necessary. Example: (Coşkun, 2000: 46). For articles with two authors, surnames of the both authors are given. Example: (Yüce and Can, 2006: 45). If there are three or more authors, “the surname of the first author et al.” should be given. Example: (Türk et al., 2006: 79). If more than one author are cited in the part of the text, these authors should be listed alphabetically. Example: (Coşkun, 2000: 46; Türk et al., 2006: 79; Yüce and Can, 2006: 45).
• General format of the article should be as such: Title of the article, name of the author/s, abstract, keywords, full text and references.

Paper Management System
Authors should register into the system in order to send their papers. After accomplishing registration process, authors can submit their papers logging into the system.


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